Convertkit vs AWeber: A Detailed Email Marketing Comparison

Last updated on » February 16, 2020 - Written by Aditya Raj

How does a business stay in touch with their customers and inform them about new developments with their work and new products? Advertisements are expensive and social media posts may not have the optimum reach, especially when it comes to attracting new customers.

In today’s digital world, therefore, the fastest and easiest way for businesses to grow their customers is through diverse, comprehensive, and personalized mailing lists that can convert one time readers of your business’s website into regular subscribers.

And, to create the perfect email list, businesses can take the help of email marketing service providers that exclusively cater to this need for creating website email lists. Two of the best such businesses include Convertkit and Aweber. These two providers are the best in the industry and can provide a wide range of options to businesses interested in creating email lists.

Convertkit vs AWeber - A Detailed Email Marketing Comparison

Most businesses, especially the ones that run their own websites and hold regular webinars, use Convertkit and AWeber to create new lists of emails for each new webinar.

However, users often face confusion when it comes to choosing between Convertkit and AWeber. While both companies are highly preferred by businesses and websites, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although both AWeber and ConvertKid provide similar services, the main difference between the two is their individual list and subscriber management systems. Where AWeber boasts itself to be a list-centric service provider, ConvertKit provides more of a subscriber-centric service.

In this article, let us look at the pros and cons of both Convertkit and AWeber.

AWeber — An Overview

Img Aweber Overview

AWeber is an industry veteran with a ten-year-long presence in providing email list development services. It has over 100,000 clients including small businesses that are spread across the world. With AWeber, businesses can create and send out professional, specially curated newsletters for a variety of occasions and reasons, while segregating subscribers to create nuanced and holistic subscriber lists. Using AWeber’s ‘drag & drop’ editor, businesses can easily create automated e-mail sequences. Furthermore, it can be used to apply tags in order to trigger automated email campaigns.

Some of its main features include split-testing, autoresponders, the ability to import and host an email database, list segmentation options, reporting, and even a bit of basic marketing automation functionality through tools like AWeber Campaigns.

Pros of Using AWeber

Aweber Features

  • One of the biggest advantages of using AWeber is the fact that it has a solid reputation and is reliable, thanks to its nearly decade-long existence. It is quite popular as a solution for designing as well as delivering HTML based e-newsletters.
  • Aweber is ideal for small entrepreneurs and businesses that wish to grow their customer base through email lists.
  • With over 700 templates, AWeber provides businesses with an easier way to automate emails.
  • AWeber’s Team Hub feature also allows multiple users to collaborate on and use the same account.
  • The e-solutions provider also allows businesses to import data and add it directly to autoresponder cycles for higher ease of use. As opposed to its competitors, this is a desirable feature.
  • Clients can access AWeber using one of the five subscription options that are each affordable and optimum. From $19 to $149 a month, AWeber has several low-cost accommodations. However, as per the industry standards, AWeber lies in the mid-level expense group.

Cons of Using AWeber

  • One of the biggest cons for AWeber users is that unsubscribers are still counted as part of your business’s subscriber lists. Users also face issues while moving between one list and another.
  • Additionally, though AWeber offers a variety of plans and a number of price ranges, it still remains a slightly more expensive option as compared to several other such service providers. For instance, it is more expensive than brands like ConvertKid, Getresponse, and Mad Mimi.
  • Though AWeber Campaigns offers marketing automation functionality, it is not as flexible and user-friendly as some of its competitors.
  • While AWeber has one of the most expansive collections of templates, some of them have begun to look a bit dated, leaving businesses to often look for something new and fresh.

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ConvertKit Overview

Img Convertkit Overview

Unlike most others, ConvertKit allows businesses to embed and customize forms on their websites. It allows businesses to understand their audiences through segments and tags. Though relatively new with just over five years of experience, ConvertKit is already an industry leader when it comes to e-mail list development services. Much of it could be owed to the fact that technology is changing every day and being a newer company, ConvertKit has been able to better adapt to current newsletter designs and email marketing needs. It has also emerged as a favorite among customers as it allows businesses to expand their email lists at substantially lower costs than others offering similar services.

Pros of Using ConvertKit

Convertkit Features

  • Keeping pace with time, ConvertKit uses the latest developments in the field and also provides custom White Glove Migration and landing pages to support small businesses. It’s also great for bloggers as it is powered by Infusionsoft which is easily more user-friendly than Mailchimp.
  • One of the major advantages for businesses using ConvertKit (over those like AWeber) is that you don’t need to create brand new email lists for each webinar. It eliminates the possibility of duplicate subscribers by instantly adding tags to subscribers when they click on a link.
  • Using ConvertKit also allows users to enjoy the power of InfusionSoft and Ontraport but at much lower costs.
  • ConvertKit offers great design and ease of use, free migration, and unlimited leads, regardless of the campaign.
  • Though the prices of ConvertKit are slightly on the mid-to-high end, it is a complete value for money considering the wide array of features and functionality that it has to offer.
  • Technical features aside, one of the greatest advantages of using ConvertKit is also its extensive chat support systems and customer care that is always ready to take queries and solve issues faced by its customers.
  • Lastly, the brand thrives upon offering the maximum ease of use.

Cons of Using ConvertKit

  • One of the disadvantages of using ConvertKid is that it does not provide A/B testing facilities for headlines in automated series. In fact, it’s limited A/B testing functionality could make many businesses rethink their choice of selecting it for their purposes.
  • As opposed to AWeber, ConvertKit has lesser options for out of the box and unusual segmentations. ConvertKit is also somewhat more rigid, given its limited options for customization. Additionally, with ConvertKit, reporting data is limited.

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Convertkit vs AWeber: Conclusion

In conclusion, while both ConvertKit and AWeber are great tools for businesses looking for quick and easy email communication solutions, there are subtle differences that can make one more preferable over the other.

Though both are competitively priced, ConvertKit offers more value for money. It is also easier to use and implement than AWeber, certain aspects of which could now be facing the issue of becoming irrelevant due to the fast-changing landscape of the tech and e-marketing industry. ConvertKit, with its fresh approach and modern features, is presently a better option, especially for bloggers and web marketers. Needless to say, however, that the choice ultimately must depend on the specific needs of the business in question, above anything else.

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